Control Corrective is a spirited, active line. Just because it is clinical, doesn't mean it can,t be approachable or fun.  It is effective, it gets results, and is also easy to understand in the spa and at home.  Control Corrective is a multigenerational line...everybody can use it throughout their whole life.

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What Makes Control Corrective Different?

  • All formulas are tested for efficiency and the activeingredients are extremely researched for true potency and results.

  • Formulated in an FDA Regulated OTC Laboratory to meet the highest standards of efficacy, stability and safety.

  • A broad range of 15 professional facial service ranging from grand classic spa tradition to Skin Rejuvenation Programs with Jessner.

  • Over 16 years of dedication and innovation in skincare.  Continuously developing new products, new formulations and new methods to create clinical skincare products that are easy to understand, easy to use, and effective.

  • They are clinical!  Their formulations and in spa treatments are dermatology grade, having a higher percentage of active ingredients.  They also never test on animals.  ‚Äč                  For more information: